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Hendrickson High School Lip Dub 2014 - No copyright intended. All songs in this video, except for the Wigalo, are owned by the respectful owners. Director: Katie Spradlin Producer: Belva Sheport, Spencer Heasley, Abby Williford, Taylor Jund Editor: Zac Cummings, Ben Creech (YouTube Editor) Videographers: Zac Cummings, Tyler Hindmarsh Sound Specialist: Katie Spradlin, Carson Monroe, Kaleb Lewis, Logan Taylor, Jessica Hancock Lip Singers: Ricky Dobbs, Courtney Evans, Katie Spradlin, Dante Curry, Chance Waz, Jose Viegra, Taylor Jund, Ciana Garcia, Michelle King, Lauren King, Kayla Trevino, Kirsten Wilde, Justin Mendoza, Curry Wyman, Kyle Gilbert

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